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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

[Trailer] Iron Man 3

The newest trailer for Iron Man 3 is out and it looks pretty impressive. The Avengers kind of made you forget about the overstuffed 2nd film.

This new trailer looks like it really ups the ante and gives us hope we’ll have a better entry this go around. Lots of wonderful tidbits offered throughout, check out the trailer and enjoy.


  1. No doubt my most anticipated film of the Summer, and this trailer makes me beyond excited! Hopefully Shane Black will not disappoint, but I do not believe he will. The Hulk Buster armor at the end looks fantastic!


    1. Thought it was very impressive. Black and RDJ have a good history working together so I'm sure it'll be an excellent entry. Ditto about the Hulk Buster armor!


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