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Saturday, December 21, 2013


Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper, and Amy Adams star in director David O. Russell's fictional period crime drama about a reckless FBI agent who recruits a con man and his alluring partner into a scheme to ensnare corrupt politicians and gangsters. Smooth-talking Irving Rosenfeld (Bale) is a hustler of the highest order. No mark is off limits for Rosenfeld, especially when his crafty partner Sydney Prosser (Adams) is by his side. When renegade FBI agent Richie DiMaso (Cooper) thrusts the deceptive duo into the treacherous world of New Jersey power players and underworld heavies, the thrill of the hunt grows too strong to resist. Meanwhile, New Jersey politician Carmine Polito (Jeremy Renner) gets caught in the middle, and Rosenfeld's capricious wife Rosalyn (Jennifer Lawrence) holds more power than anyone could imagine. Louis C.K. and Jack Huston costar. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

Director: David O. Russell

Cast: Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper, Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, Jennifer Lawrence.

Release Date: Dec 13, 2013

Rated R for pervasive language, some sexual content and brief violence

Runtime: 2 hr. 9 min.

Genres: Drama


Who said prestige films had to be a laborious task? American Hustle is wonderfully crafted and skillfully acted film that sizzles from the opening scene. David O. Russell has been on a hot streak as of late and American Hustle may be his best yet. I’d never have imagined that Russell would have become an actor’s director after all the fall out from I Heart Huckabees but some how he’s become a master at extracting some of the finest work from his performers. American Hustle’s cast is firing on all cylinders deliver performances that are fully realized and engaging throughout while being incredibly entertaining. It’s the kind of filmmaking high wire act that incredibly hard to pull off but the cast and crew deliver in all facets. Christian Bale continues to top himself with each performance and this might be his best. Bale’s performance is a virtuoso exhibition of varying shades of gray throughout while maintaining a real sense of the character’s heart. Amy Adams, whose becoming a much more interesting actress with each role, gives her character a fiery but broken heart. Adams has more than a few moments where she just commands the screen with emotion streaming out of her eyes. Bradley Cooper is perfectly manic and unstable as the FBI agent, showing again that Russell can get him to deliver his best work. Jennifer Lawrence is equally impressive in a smaller role. Lawrence may have a limited role but her screen time and character are incredibly memorable. Jeremy Renner also delivers some of his finest work as the good hearted but misguided mayor. American Hustle is one of those films that is so well done that the 2 hours just fly by with nary a dead spot. It’s one of the year’s best which is likely to rack up nominations come award season.



  1. Since American Hustle's trailers are great, and the fact that just about everyone loves it, I will have to get around to watching the movie. Great review as usual Daniel.


    1. Thank you man, It's a wonderful film all around James, probably the best time I've had at the movies in a good while.

    2. i wish i loved the film as much as you. i didn't think the performances were too impressive, although i do enjoy Bradley cooper the most. i thought amy adams was good, but russell relied too much on her physicality to fully immerse yourself in it. i thought the film lacked substance, but it was certainly entertaining to watch.

    3. I can see that, the story isn't heavy with any deep meaning or anything, I just really enjoyed watching the tale.


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