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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Cindy Prascik's Review of Mechanic: Resurrection

Dearest Blog: yesterday it was off to the pictures for Jason Statham's latest, Mechanic: Resurrection. 
Spoiler level here will be pretty mild, mostly nothing you wouldn't know from the trailers. A former assassin is forced out of retirement when the love of his life (whom he's known for all of three days) is kidnapped. 
Alrighty, folks, I gotta tell ya: if this isn't the dumbest movie I've ever seen, it's good and damn close. 
However, it's also pretty funny (usually not on purpose), so I'm not suggesting you shouldn't get out and see it while you can. I have a feeling it won't be around long. The picture kicks off with a good, old-fashioned Statham ass kicking, and smartly keeps 'em coming regularly. 
As spectacularly ridiculous as they often are, they're genius compared to everything in between. Jessica Alba is as vapid as she is gorgeous, offering a performance that mostly consists of vacant looks that are meant to pass as terrified (I think?). 
Tommy Lee Jones: WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU DOING HERE?? Continuity issues abound, most notably Alba's split lip that keeps appearing and disappearing, and good and bad guys are as broadly drawn as any Saturday-morning cartoon. 
The movie boasts action end to end, yet still feels a bit slow at times. Breathtaking stunts, gorgeous locations, and a rip-roaring score by Mark Isham help salvage the whole, but, sadly, this is just not a very good movie. 
Mechanic: Resurrection clocks in at 99 minutes and is rated R for "violence and language throughout." Mechanic: Resurrection is good for a laugh, but it probably just should have stayed dead. 
Of a possible nine Weasleys, Mechanic: Resurrection gets four. Until next time... 

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