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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Cindy Prascik's Review of Focus

Dearest Blog, yesterday it was off to the pictures for Will Smith's latest, Focus.

After a couple weeks' weather-enforced cinema break, I'd probably have dragged out for a rom-com starring Gwyneth Paltrow and Tyler Perry (*shudder*), but luckily this seemed more promising. (PS: I get royalties when somebody makes that rom-com!)

Spoiler level here will be mild, nothing you wouldn't know from the trailers.

Life is a series of scores for a couple con artists, until they cross a dangerous mark.

Getting the bad news out of the way first, the chiefest and greatest flaw of Focus is that it just HAS to be smarter than it is. If we, as viewers, are to buy these two as the world's greatest con artists, then we, as viewers, must be as victims...we can't ever guess what they've got up their sleeves.

Unfortunately, the exact opposite is took me longer to figure out No Good Deed! That's not to say the plot isn't interesting--it's good fun--but if you're waiting for that "A-ha!"'re gonna leave the theatre still waiting. For a relatively short movie, it also seems to take very long getting anywhere. I checked the time about an hour in and couldn't believe it wasn't further along.

On the plus side, the movie IS smart enough to lean heavily on the appeal of its two leads, and Will Smith and Margot Robbie have to be among Hollywood's most likeable. Smith, in particular, is just impossibly appealing for me; I root for him no matter what.

This is the sort of role that allows Robbie to run around in all manner of clingy cocktail dress and skimpy swimsuit, and I doubt anyone's got any complaints with that, either. Among the supporting cast, Adrian Martinez plays for laughs, while Gerald McRaney blusters his way through. The movie is thoroughly enjoyable, if never fully engaging.

Focus clocks in at 104 minutes, and is rated R for "language, some sexual content, and brief violence."

It's nothing special, but Focus is a perfectly passable afternoon of entertainment.

Of a possible nine Weasleys, Focus gets five.

Until next time...

What...what? Were you saying something?

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