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Sunday, January 18, 2015


Biopic of Chris Kyle (Bradley Cooper), the most-celebrated sniper in American military history. In the aftermath of 9/11, Kyle decides to serve his country by becoming a Navy SEAL. But with each tour of duty, he grows more detached from his wife and children. ~ Jeremy Wheeler, Rovi

Director: Clint Eastwood 

Cast: Bradley Cooper, Luke Grimes, Sienna Miller, Kyle Gallner, Ben Reed

Release Date: Jan 16, 2015

Rated R for some Sexual References, Language Throughout and Strong Disturbing War Violence

Runtime: 2 hr. 12 min. 

Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama 


American Sniper is an interesting film that manages to be straightforward but complicated at the same time.  Eastwood doesn’t really give us much of a point of view on the Iraq War; he’s more interested in the personal story of Chris Kyle which is refreshing since it could have easily devolved into a jingoistic anthem.  Eastwood’s film alternates between the war and Kyle’s home life but it’s clear that Eastwood is far more comfortable with the war portion of the story.  He delivers some impressive battle sequences with the final one being the most impressive and tense of the entire film.  At the heart of the film is Bradley Cooper who does fine work embodying Chris Kyle and chartering his growing internal struggle as his military career wears on.  Cooper is reserved and understated throughout but he captures the intensity and drive that ran through Kyle’s life.  Even though it’s a biopic the film does seem to focus on Kyle almost exclusively which means that doesn’t get a good feel for his friends or even his wife whose under characterized.  It doesn’t help that she’s played by Sienna Miller who’s not nearly a strong enough actress to believably deliver the emotional moments required.  Some creative choices also left me scratching my head, such as the villainous enemy sniper which was always within earshot of Kyle, regardless of which tour of duty he was on.  Even with its faults, the film does a fine job of honoring Chris Kyle’s memory and legacy. 



  1. Great review. It is one of those weird films which is straightforward but complicated at the same time!

    You are right about the villain. I have only just realised that he popped up everywhere Kyle was even on different tours!

    I think with a few big emotional moments and some stronger supporting characters American Sniper would have been a pretty great film

    K :-)

    1. It's a very solid film but not perfect and that villain just seemed to much like a cinematic creation, not sure since I haven't read the book.

  2. Good review Dan. It's not a perfect movie, but what it does right, is that it opens people's eyes to Chris Kyle, the person. While it may sometimes glamorize his actions a bit, there's always the idea that it came of hardly anything good.

    1. Agreed, it doesn't turn him into a demigod or run his name through the mud. It's even handed enough to give people a fair perspective of him and his actions.

  3. Há um excesso de patriotismo na história. Foi amplamente divulgado o trailer do filme “Sniper Americano”, de Clint Eastwood e estrelado por Bradley Cooper. O longa é baseado no livro de Chris Kyle, homem que foi atirador de elite do exército americano. O objetivo do filme é mostrar como ele, apesar do aparente sucesso profissional, teve tantos problemas pessoais. Francamente, eu esperava muito mais de American Sniper. Não apenas porque ele é dirigido pelo veterano Clint Eastwood. Que esse sim entende de cinema. Mas porque acho que desde The Hurt Locker a guerra não deveria mais ser vista da forma tradicional. Aqui, infelizmente, ela é. E isso é frustrante. Para este filme de Clint, existe claramente um lado bom, um lado justo e que faz sentido, enquanto o outro lado não tem voz e nem argumento. Visão simplista, mais uma vez. Uma pena. Minha nota, se fosse outro diretor por trás de American Sniper, seria ainda menor. Mas respeito demais o Clint para dar-lhe menos que 7. De qualquer forma, para mim, este filme está longe de ser um dos melhores de 2014. Bem feito, verdade. Mas tantos outros filmes vazios são bem feitos… Dá para dispensá-lo sem culpa.


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