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Thursday, November 14, 2013

[Trailer] Noah

The first trailer for the upcoming religious epic is finally out and we get 2 tonally different trailer. The American trailer seems to hit more traditional beats playing up the religious angle more so than the International trailer which plays more like a traditional FX event film. Honestly, if Darren Aronofsky and Russell Crowe weren’t attached to this project I probably would have ignored it.

With Aronofsky in the director’s chair it leaves the door open to all kinds of possibilities, just think about his underrated film The Fountain. Both trailers look intriguing if a tad safe, either way I’m interested enough to mark this one on my calendar.

Official Trailer

International Trailer


  1. I am both very skeptical and pessimistic about this Noah film. There are a ton of things that can no wrong with it, especially after the negative reaction to the test screening. Great cast and director though, even if Crowe sounds like the exact same character that he played in Gladiator and Man of Steel. This is one of those movies that I will just have to wait and see. I am looking forward to Ridley Scott's Exodus, that could be very good.


    1. It can be a big mess or it could really be something impressive, I'm still curious and I could watch Crowe do the same song and dance forever.

  2. i'm in a similar boat as you, except trade russell crowe for jennifer connelly, who i think works splendidly with aronofsky (who i also love). i hope this is god. the premise does nothing for me.

    1. I'm very curious about it just because of who's involved, I hope it's interesting and I don't expect to be straightforward.


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