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Friday, November 23, 2012



David O. Russell's Silver Linings Playbook stars Bradley Cooper as Pat, a bipolar man from Philadelphia who has spent the last eight months in a mental hospital. He was ordered there after a violent incident involving his wife and another man. Pat moves in with his father (Robert De Niro), a lifelong Eagles fans who has low-level OCD issues. Pat wants to get back together with his wife, even though there is a restraining order keeping him from contacting her. He soon befriends a depressed young woman who's mourning the death of her husband by engaging in compulsive sex with almost everyone she meets; she also knows his wife and offers to deliver a letter of his to her if he acts as her partner in a local dance competition. Silver Linings Playbook screened at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival. ~ Perry Seibert, Rovi

Director: David O. Russell

Cast: Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro, Jacki Weaver, Chris Tucker

Release Date: Nov 16, 2012

Rated R for some Sexual Content/Nudity and Language

Runtime: 2 hr. 2 min.

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance


Silver Linings Playbook is an interesting film that’s probably better than it should be because of a pair of outstanding performances from its leads. David O. Russell directs this film with a steady hand giving it a frantic energy during some of the more intense scenes. What’s impressive about his direction is that at its base the story and film as a whole is a romantic dramedy. Bradley Cooper really impresses as the male lead showing a level talent we hadn’t seen before. Cooper expresses so much on his face, you can see so much about what’s going on in his mind without saying a word. Jennifer Lawrence matches him step for step with an equally impressive and occasionally ferocious performance. Lawrence gives the character strength mixed with a pervading sadness throughout. The pair share a manic yet believable chemistry onscreen with both giving us plenty of insight into these broken people who are still trying to run away from traumatic event in their lives. The supporting cast is filled with an impressive list of actors and actresses giving the film a lot of credibility. If there’s a fault it’s that the film does start down a familiar path especially in the last act. It’s not terrible but noticeable, not enough to detract from the strong work put in by Cooper and Lawrence.



  1. My #1 hero Bret Easton Ellis is raving SOOO much about it, I guess I really have to see it. Not exactly a fan of Bradley Cooper, but I have to admit that he is a pretty good actor, and he's getting better and better.

    1. Cooper really doesn't do much for me, he's serviceable for the most part but here he really shows us something.

  2. For my shame we skipped this to see Breaking Dawn: Part 2 although it was mostly at the fault of the listings

    The pairing of Cooper and Lawrence sounds odd but I've heard good things about it!

    How big is Chris Tucker's part though?!

    We will be trying to fit this one in next week!

    1. The pairing is odd but it does actually work and it works well, Cooper really impressses.

      Tucker's role is very small, he pops up here and there but not much.

  3. Not a big Cooper fan. He always looks and sounds like a slacker with as much depth. He was way out of his element in The Words and it showed. Still you say he does do well here... I'm interested in DeNiro and Lawrence, though, so I'll see this on DVD.

    Monsters of the Midway are back!

    1. Cooper has been servicable for me at best for the same reason but he really showed me something here. Lawrence was top notch, she just keeps impressing me in her roles. DeNiro is really solid as well.


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