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Friday, June 24, 2011

[Trailer] Captain America: The First Avenger

New more action packed trailer has come out and it appears this film maybe decent but I still have serious reservations.

I’ve been wrong about Thor and X-Men First Class so far but those at least had excellent directors at the helm, personally I don’t have much faith in Joe Johnston.

Still it looks like it can be a fun period comic book piece.


  1. I get a Wolverine feel about this. I hope I'm wrong because we are due a good quality movie after GL and Super 8, and to a certain degree Thor which was a bit ho hum. So far of the crop only X-men has really been any good which took us all by surprise.
    I do like these types of movies but I do expect a bit of intelligence recognition, and some quality. For the amount of money it costs to make them I can't understand how so many miss the mark. It is almost compulsory!!

  2. Looks okay - I'm still nervous.

  3. I'm hoping to be surprised but I'm not holding my breathe. Thor actually surprised me because it could have been a total disaster and it turned out to be a fun movie, light but fun. X-men was a real suprise, really enjoyed that movie.

    K, it looks passable but I'm still worried as well.

  4. It's true, Joe Johnston is hit and miss (The Wolfman, Jurassic Park 3), but I remember, that for it's time, The Rocketeer was a pretty enjoyable movie. I imagine (or hope) that Johnston combines both elements of The Rocketeer and Hidalgo. If so, Captain American might prove to be worth all the hype. Feel free to check out my blog @

  5. The Rocketeer is generally considered a solid film but Johnston's track record is kind of spotty with The Wolfman leaving a bad taste in my mouth. I'm hoping for the best though! Checked our your website, puts mine to shame my friend, great work!


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