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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Screen Captures, Scene & promo from the Failed Wonder Woman pilot

Well it’s been a little over a month since NBC passed on David E Kelly’s Wonder Woman pilot.

Personally I can’t remember an unshot and ultimately unaired pilot get so much attention, mostly bad.

It’s a strange thing to say the least. I had a hefty dose of interest because I grew up with Lynda Carter series.

With the pilot’s failure it’s unlikely any studio is going to touch the property for a long long while, it’d already taken over 10 years to get a pilot actually shot and countless writers and scripts.

A crafty online blogger from got his hands on the pilot and reviewed it ( ) pointing out some big differences from the script that was online before shooting started and brought on a lot of the negative criticism.

In addition he took a handful of screen captures showing off Adrianne Palicki in a much more traditional WW outfit which is a lot closer to the Lynda Carter original.

It’s a post mortem but still interesting to see for anyone who had interest in it in the first place, it’s a shame because both Adrianne Palicki and Wonder Woman deserved better…

Super quick promo....

Quick pre effects fight scene from the pilot.... Credits from pilot...


  1. God damn you are an old bugger like me aren't you!! I think Lynda Carter was every young boy's dream and remember the series well!! Would have been interesting because I'm sure by now the original series would look terribly dated and somewhat corny. A re-make could have brought fresh interest and a new slant to the character.

  2. Oh yeah Brent, Lynda Carter has forever been burned into my memory, grew up with the show. I was very interested to see how this would play out, hoped it at least get 1 season but it wasn't to be, a shame. Remake was taking a new slant on property but most people were dead set against it.

  3. hmmmm.....guess I am in the minority for thinking that it looks absolutely god awful! ;-)

    You couldn't take any female seriously that outfit!

  4. It's a similar issue with Superman or Captain America K, live action versions have have to stay close to the source materials otherwise you'd get a lot of pissed off fans.

    In this case they also had to deal with lots of folks like myself who grew up with the 70's version.

    It's all a complicated tight rope to walk, Wonder Woman seems almost impossible to pull off.

    Pleasing people familiar with the character and those that aren't like yourself who don't know what to make of the outfit for starters.

  5. Mmmmmmmmm I can take a hot chick in that outfit seriously!! She can come and save me anyday, anytime, anyhwere!!!!!

  6. It is definitely a generation thing - as a complete newbie I think the entire concept is cheesy. It's the same with Captain America as the closer it gets to the release date the more nervous I am about it (and you know how I feel about Chris Evans!)

    I am not against females heroes in tight costumes but my god lol!

  7. Wonder Woman is strange case, not sure if you know this but she actually a fairly big feminist icon, just in case you are curious here's an article that covers a lot of the bases about the character that might clear up some things.

    Captain American is another one mainly because the orgins date the character so much that it’s hard to overcome, at least with the Cap. America movie they had the common sense to place it in the WW2 era where the costume makes more sense.

    I think it’d have to be a complete failure if you don’t find something to like, even if its just Evans! ;-)

  8. Thanks for the link it was a really good read. I get that there is more to the character other than *that* outfit but as the article mentions - I am the Buffy generation.

    Saw you link to the Captain A trailer so I will have look now!

  9. Hopefully that clears up a little bit of it, at least giving you a better understanding of it in general.

    Funny part is that both times the design has been changed, adding pants in place of the traditional version, the feminist were up in arms!

    Similar reaction to this failed attempt, first costume had her wearing pants.


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