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Sunday, January 14, 2018


During the early days of World War II, the fate of Western Europe hangs on the newly-appointed British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, who must decide whether to negotiate with Hitler, or fight on against incredible odds.

Director: Joe Wright

Release Date: Nov 22, 2017

Cast: Gary Oldman, Lily James, Kristin Scott Thomas, Ben Mendelsohn, Stephen Dillane

Rated PG-13 for some thematic material

Runtime: 2 hr. 5 min.

Genres: Biography, Drama, History


Joe Wright’s Darkest Hour is a perfectly solid historical drama that’s buoyed by an impressive turn by Gary Oldman.  Wright’s movie hits most of the basic points of interest as he covers roughly a month of Winston Churchill’s life as he ascends to the role of Prime Minster as Hilter’s forces close in on Britain.  As such, it makes for an interesting companion pieces to Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk.  While that film dealt the soldier’s point of view this film is far more concerned with the political landscape that Churchill was dealing with as he took office.  It’s catnip for history buffs even though everyone knows how it ends.  Still, it’s a fascinating situation to examine considering how badly the odds where stacked against the UK.  Wright does a solid job of providing a glossy accounting of darken close quarter rooms where major decisions were being made in the face of impending doom.  The film, though, wouldn’t work nearly as well if it wasn’t for a stellar turn by the film’s star Gary Oldman who disappears into make up and character.  This isn’t the first time Oldman has lost himself into characters behind make up, most memorably in Dracula and an underrated and nearly forgotten turn in the Silence of the Lamb sequel Hannibal.  This film is clearly Oldman’s showcase, so much so that some of sequences might as well have the words “For your Consideration” emblazoned along the bottom of the screen.  Thankfully Oldman doesn’t disappoint as he delivers one of the best performances of his career in a long while.  He’s had better roles in the past but this type of biopic seems ready made for award season. 



  1. i was just.... so bored by this movie

    1. I can see that especially if you are not all that interested in the subject matter since it's pretty dry for the most part. I'm a bit of history buff so I'm an easy mark for this....


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