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Saturday, November 25, 2017


Despite his family's generations-old ban on music, young Miguel dreams of becoming an accomplished musician like his idol Ernesto de la Cruz. Desperate to prove his talent, Miguel finds himself in the stunning and colorful Land of the Dead. After meeting a charming trickster named Héctor, the two new friends embark on an extraordinary journey to unlock the real story behind Miguel's family history.

Release Date: Nov 11, 2017

Genres: Action/Adventure, Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Director: Lee Unkrich, Adrian Molina

Cast: Anthony Gonzalez, Gael García Bernal, Benjamin Bratt, Alanna Ubach

Rated PG for thematic elements


Pixar’s Coco is a wonderful exploration of Mexican culture packaged in a heartwarming multigenerational story.  Directors Lee Unkrich & Adrian Molina deliver a lively and vivid world that’s decidedly Mexican through and through.  Anyone coming from Mexican heritage will find so many tidbits here and there sprinkled throughout the film that just adds to the film’s overall authenticity.  Once the film moves to the land of the dead, it’s a Technicolor explosion of colors and wonderfully realized characters designs.  The dead are brought to life as delicately adorned skeletons keeping with traditional Day of the Dead adornments.  The voice cast is strong through with newcomer Anthony Gonzalez  leaving a lasting impression in the lead.  His performance is confident and endearing.  He and Gael García Bernal share excellent chemistry that’s paid off later in the film after a slight twist.  The finale is a tear jerking exploration of family, memory and death.  Coco is everything I’d hoped The Book of Life was going to be years ago.  Coco succeeds on multiple levels and is sure to become a classic.



  1. I loved absolutely everything about Coco! Going to be in the top5 list for a long time.

    K :-)

    1. It's a wonderfully made movie, really moving especially at the end!


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