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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Cindy Prascik’s review of Thor: The Dark World

Dearest Blog, yesterday I was off to the cinema with the masses to worship at the altar of the mighty Thor.
Spoiler level here will be mild, almost nothing you didn't see in a trailer somewhere.

Disclaimer: This review is being written through a haze of cold meds...and I think I accidentally may have taken the nighttime stuff instead of the daytime stuff. (Didn't the nighttime stuff used to be green??) Reader discretion is advised.
As the Nine Realms align, they are threatened by an enemy so powerful that Thor must make an unlikely alliance to save them.

Getting the requisite shallowness out of the way, the first thing you'll notice about Thor is that it looks terrific, and I mean across the board. The sets and effects are spectacular, the costumes are gorgeous, and most of the cast is hurt-your-eyes good looking. (Tiny spoiler alert) Chris Hemsworth has an early shirtless scene and the reaction across my theatre was so ridiculous it was like when an extra-hot person walks into a sitcom.

If the Marvel cinematic universe is noted for being a good time, in my opinion, the two Thor films represent the best time of all the Marvel properties. The Dark World does, of course, have its serious moments (with the universe at risk and all!), but there are one-liners aplenty, and almost all of them hit their marks. The action is huge and keeps things moving along nicely, though I did feel the first hour maybe could have been trimmed a bit. Performances are terrific across the board, with Tom Hiddleston's Loki again the standout.

I ended up in a 3D showing because I'm apparently too chemically addled to correctly read movie listings, and I wouldn't say the 3D was worth much. There's maybe a bit of added depth here and there, but Idris Elba never actually landed in my lap, so I'd suggest you go ahead and hang onto that extra three bucks.

Thor: The Dark World is everything I want in a superhero flick. The action and effects are huge and the cast has great chemistry, just a great time all around.

Of a possible nine Weasleys, Thor: The Dark World gets eight.

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  1. I loved thus too, except I thought Jane Foster should have shown a little affection for Thor. She made no attempt to comfort him after his mother died. Or even hug him when she sees him again for the first time. Kat Dennings had more heat with the intern.

    Loki was so awesome as usual, a legendary villain like Ledgers Joker.

    1. "Thanks for reading and commenting. I also wondered a bit at Jane's failing to offer any comfort when his mother died! It seemed so unnatural! - Cindy P"


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