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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Netflix Streaming Micro Reviews: House of the Devil, The Innkeepers, Session 9, Lovely Molly, Dead Girl

I’ve been on a bit of a horror kick on Netflix streaming so here are a few micro reviews;

House of the Devil – It has a cool little 80’s vibe to it but it takes way too long to get on with the story which is painfully predictable. - C

The Innkeepers – A fun little movie with a good sense of fun and good chemistry between the leads. It seems to remember it’s a horror movie in the last act resulting in an abrupt shift in tone. – B-

Session 9 – Really strong bit of atmosphere taking advantage of the locations but it kind of falls apart in the last act. – C+

Lovely Molly – A really impressive take on the haunted house tropes with a turn midway through the film that you’ll either love or hate, personally I thought it worked well. Strong performances throughout but in the final 10 minutes the film seems unsure about where it wants to go, committing to nothing and everything. B-

Dead Girl – I just couldn't make it through the whole thing. I quit watching it about a third of the way through it, too much raping for my taste – Incomplete


  1. I'm not a fan of Ti West and think Innkeepers & THOTD are massively overrated. Too slow, style over substance, retro for the sake of being retro. Eh.

    Haven't seen Session 9 in quite a while. Thought it was pretty decent, but didn't love it as much as other horror fans did. Yeah, the ending is a bit weak.

    Lovely Molly starts out sooo good, and ends up sooo frustrating.

    Deadgirl - I totally understand your reaction to it, but I can't help it: I "enjoyed" it.

  2. Unfortunately, I do not have Netflix, although these shorts do not particularly interest me.


    1. If you ever do get a Netflix streaming account I think you'll find plenty to enjoy.

      These aren't actually shorts but full length films, I was just to lazy to write up full reviews.

  3. THANK YOU, for haviung the same reaction to Dead Girl that I did. I was slightly harsher in my review...

    "A how-to guide on creating characters that no one could ever like, and a story that no one would ever want to see through until the end."

    Awesome post, dude.

    1. Thank you man. You covered the biggest issues I had with the movie, the characters were shit and there was no reason for me to keep going with it.

  4. I liked the Innkeepers but that is the only one of those films I have seen. Is that a PS3 is your Xbox camera shy or something? ;-)

    1. It's a good film. LOL, that's a PS3 bud.


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