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Wednesday, November 16, 2011


About as far removed from the tone of last week’s Snow White and the Huntsman, Tarsem Singh's Mirror Mirror has an almost comedic tone with Julia Roberts chewing up scenery like a crazy. Lily Collins does seem like a more suitable Snow White in my opinion.

Singh’s visuals, as usual, are incredibly impressive but it’s a totally different genre on the same material, should be very interesting to compare and contrast when both projects come out…..


  1. Interesting!

    It is the battle of who will annoy me the least - Julia Roberts or Kristen Stewart!

    It looks visually stunning as you say but this version seems geared towards a younger audience compared to the other one!

    I like my fairy tales a little more Grimm and a little less Disney :-D

  2. Well so far it's Stewart because jezz Roberts is bringing the full ham and chesse.....

    Think we have the same taste on this kind of stuff, I really think I'm leaning more toward the other film.

  3. the visuals do look amazing, but i'm not really sold on collins in this lead role. but julia looks fun in it. the movie i think is less entertaining-looking than the trailer for the other snow white film but i think they both look enticing.

  4. Julia could be fun or just way over the top but I think seeing both takes will be fun little cinematic adventure.


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