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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Final [Trailer] Green Lantern

The final trailer for Green Lantern is out and it does contain some new scenes along with a more cohesive idea of the plot.

Trimmed down significantly is the Ryan Reynolds’s smart ass segments which highlighted the first few clips released.

What we get is a much better idea of the villain, general plot and a few passing glances of Oa and The Guardians.

Looks more like the space adventure I’d hope for in any Lantern flick.

This and Thor were the 2 comic movies I thought had the greatest chance to be sucked into an bottomless Velveeta cheese vortex.

Thor’s reviews have been strong and this one looks like it’s trending in the right direction…..


  1. My only concern is whether Renyolds is good enough for the role. He was brilliant in Buried but other wise he has been pretty damn average.
    It always makes me laugh how one studio brings out a super hero movie and then lo and behold the others all follow, Thor, Green Lantern, Captain America, X-Class...who's next??!!!!

  2. Reynolds always kind of plays the smart ass guy which is fine for what he does. I don’t know enough about this iteration, there have been multiple Lantern’s, of the character to know if he’s right for it.

    Superheroes movie will continue to get made as long as they make money, Hollywood has always followed the cash, until that well runs dry that is….


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