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Friday, April 1, 2011

[Trailer] The Hangover Part 2

Full Trailer is out...

First reaction is that it all seems incredibly familiar, plot looks almost identical to the first film with a few changes here and there.

I was kind of hoping for something a tad more innovative but we'll see what the final product looks like....


  1. Yeah lets hope the second one lives up to the first because if it doesn't I fear it will tarnish the image of the first outing.
    Also if this second one is a failure I hope the makers shut up shop and don't try and push the series ito a third instalment.

  2. We'll just have to wait and see because it looks kind of paint by the numbers so far. Unless this pull in huge dollars I doubt we'll see a third entry. Then again Phillps has been making the same movie for a good while.

  3. It looks as though they have substituted baby/tiger for monkey.

    The Hangover was edging on overrated so we shall wait and see.....

  4. I've never thought the original was the classic some people make it out to be, fun but classic. The sequel looks like it threads very similar water, at least from this first trailer.

  5. Definitely agree. This looks like the first one. Thought The Hangover was ok. Not as hilarious as Role Models.


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