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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Action photos of Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman

Looks like they've tweaked the costume and I have to say it look a hellva lot better than the previously released shot....

Colors have been muted and the red boots are back.....

Adrianne Palicki in costume

Stunt Double in costume

Quick video from someone in the crowd...

Costume was always going to be problematic much like the Captain America one but this looks a lot better in my opinion.


  1. I'm not feeling the pants! She should be showing off those killer damn the original!

  2. Yes, these pants are at least MUCH better than the shiny early nineties vinyl pants they had her in before!

  3. Very much so! Can't wait to read your thoughts on the costume as a whole!

  4. I still don't get it - the costume looks awful :-(


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