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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sunday, June 11, 2006
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Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson), a hotshot rookie race car, embarks on a trip down Route 66, headed to California and the big Piston Cup Championship race. Along the way, he meets Sally, a snazzy 2002 Porsche (Helen Hunt); Doc Hudson, a 1951 Hudson Hornet (Paul Newman); and Mater, a rusty tow truck (Larry the Cable Guy). Together they help Lightning realize there's more to life than first place.

Cast Owen Wilson, George Carlin, Bob Costas, Michael Keaton, Cheech Marin, Paul Newman (more)

Director(s) John Lasseter

Writer(s) John Lasseter

Status In theaters (wide)

Genre(s) Childrens, Animated, Animation, Cars/Automobiles, Animated Characters, Race Cars

Release Date June 9, 2006

MPAA Rating G


Cars is yet another great Pixar animated film. That is pretty much to be expected anytime Pixar releases a new film, it never a matter of if the film will be good but how good. Cars is a very enjoyable and just a treat to look at on the big screen. That being said, I tend to think this movie just doesnt quite reach the level of greatness like previous entries Toy Story or Finding Nemo. Reason being that the films plot is very predictable and a bit clichéd. While the other films mention oozed with originality this movies plot comes off as very paint by the numbers. Also, I think the movies overall theme might go over some of the younger kids heads. As for the talent in the film there are a few standouts, Paul Newman in particular does an excellent job in his role. Larry the Cable guy also does really well as the comic relief. Let me reiterate that this is a fun movie and enjoyable experience just not best of Pixar films. Oh and before I forget the short film before the film is extremely enjoyable.




A government official (Liev Schreiber) and his wife (Julia Stiles) gradually come to think that their cute little tyke, Damien, might be the son of Satan.

Cast Liev Schreiber, Julia Stiles, Josh Hutcherson, Mia Farrow, David Thewlis, Pete Postlethwaite

Director(s) John Moore

Writer(s) Dan McDermott

Status In theaters (wide)

Genre(s) Horror/Suspense, Horror, Horror Classic, Fathers And Sons, Horror Movies

Release Date June 6, 2006

Running Time 110 minutes

MPAA Rating R - for disturbing violent content, graphic images and some language.


The Omen remake had some big shoes to fill, the original 1976 Richard Donner film is a horror classic. Sadly this new version fails to bring anything fresh or substantial to the story. Aside from a few dream sequences, and some re-imagined death scenes and 2 very silly scenes at the Vatican, the plot follow the original exactly. Some portions of the movie feel like shot by shot remakes of the original film. The movie isnt terrible but its a slow grind and paced very much like the original, theres a very methodical pace to it. Liev Schreiber does an admirable job stepping into the role that Gregory Peck played in the original. Sadly, Julia Stiles is terribly wooden throughout the film and just seems to be miscast in the part. Mia Farrow is deliciously evil in her small role as Damiens nanny. In the end, I wished they would have taken a fresh approach to the overall idea as opposed to just making the exact same film again.





Vampire Selene (Beckinsale) and hybrid Lycan Michael (Speedman) must find the oldest immortal member of the vampire clan to explain the death of Viktor (Nighy) before the vampires and Lycans clash with each other.

Cast Kate Beckinsale, Scott Speedman, Tony Curran, Derek Jacobi, Bill Nighy, Steven Mackintosh (more)

Director(s) Len Wiseman

Writer(s) Danny McBride, Len Wiseman

Status On DVD

Genre(s) Action/Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Vampires, Werewolves, Theatrical Release, Sequel, Guns, Russia, Fantasy Worlds

Release Date Jan. 20, 2006

DVD Release Date June 6, 2006

Running Time 105 minutes

MPAA Rating R


The original Underworld was one of my guilty pleasures. Ive never said it was an excellent film but it was enjoyable. The sequel does what sequels should do, it expands on the world established in the first and it gives fans a lot more monster killing action. The film ups the ante on the action and the fight sequences are very enjoyable especially now that theyve tone down a lot of the Matrix slow mos. The plot is a fair attempt at giving the overall story more depth and meat but at times it does feel a tad convoluted and tiresome. The movie is paced a very brisk speed so this issue doesnt become too much of a nuisance. Kate Beckinsale does fairly well in her second turn as Selene but Scott Speedman isnt really given all that much to do aside from fight, a lot. Evolutions villain isnt nearly as intriguing as the first films so it does lessen the films impact especially the finale. That being said the film is still fun fluff that delivers a lot more of what fans of the first film craved.


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