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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Saturday, July 22, 2006
In theaters



Matt Saunders (Luke Wilson) has the perfect girlfriend, Jenny Johnson (Uma Thurman). But what he doesn't know is that she's also a superhero known as G-Girl. When his relationship hits the skids, Matt thinks he can just give Jenny the boot. But once scorned, Jenny uses her superpowers to get back at Matt and break up his new relationship with his co-worker Hannah (Anna Faris).

Cast Uma Thurman, Luke Wilson, Anna Faris, Eddie Izzard, Wanda Sykes

Director(s) Ivan Reitman

Writer(s) Don Payne

Status In theaters (wide)

Genre(s) Comedies, Comedy, Superheroes, Comedy (General), Revenge

Release Date July 21, 2006

DVD Release Date July 21, 2006

MPAA Rating PG-13 - for sexual content, crude humor, language and brief nudity.


I was a little unsure of whether this movie was going to work when I saw the previews. I am a fan of Uma Thurman and Luke Wilson but I was worried this film wasnt going to be funny. Let me say I was totally silly for worrying about that. This movie is hilarious. It moves a brisk pace and is the perfect length. Luke Wilson is in fine form here and gives some great lines in his trademark delivery. Uma Thurman is nuts as Jenny Johnson/G Girl, shes perfect for the part and watching her go through the varying degrees of insanity is awesome. There are plenty of laughs out loud moments in this film and Ivan Reitman directs this film with tough planted firmly in cheek. Its been a good while since Reitman has directed a funny film but this film delivers big time. Whether youre a fan of superhero movies or not this film delivers tons of laughs.




The sequel to the 1994 indie hit picks up 10 years later. We find that Dante (O'Halloran) and Randal (Anderson) have grown up from lazy 20-something slobs to become lazy 30-something slobs. But when the Quick Stop burns down and they get new jobs at a joint called Mooby's, they're forced to confront the fact that maybe they're not making the most out of their lives. Gee, ya think?

Cast Brian O'Halloran, Rosario Dawson, Jeff Anderson, Jason Mewes, Kevin Smith, Ethan Suplee (more)

Director(s) Kevin Smith

Writer(s) Kevin Smith

Status In theaters (wide)

Genre(s) Comedies, Friends, Black Comedy

Release Date July 21, 2006

DVD Release Date July 21, 2006

Running Time 98 minutes

MPAA Rating R - for pervasive sexual and crude content including aberrant sexuality, strong language and some drug material


Kevin Smith hits it out of the park in Clerks 2. This film is hilarious and has some of the best lines in recent movie history. Its an odd mix of crude humor and sentimentality which works quite well. Fans of the original Clerks, and Kevin Smith, will not be disappointed here. The dialogue is crisp and always funny; movie nerds like me will find plenty to love here such as the LOTR vs. Star Wars debate. Jeff Anderson is back as the wise talking Randal and is awesome while delivering some of the movies best lines. This movie is dialogue driven like the original film but it never feels slow or stagnant. Kevin Smith really rebounds nicely making the general sappiness of Jersey Girl seem like a distance memory.


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