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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Saturday, July 07, 2007
Movie Reviews: RATATOUILLE


Remy (voice of Patton Oswalt) is a little rat with big dreams of becoming a world-class chef. So, he makes a home under a fancy Parisian restaurant and forms an unlikely bond with a lowly garbage boy, Linguini (Lou Romano), that will take them both to new, unimagined culinary heights, that is if Remy doesn't get caught by the real chefs first.

Cast Patton Oswalt, Brad Garrett, Ian Holm, Brian Dennehy, Janeane Garofalo, Peter O'Toole (more)

Director(s) Brad Bird

Writer(s) Brad Bird

Status In theaters (wide)

Genre(s) Family

Release Date June 29, 2007

Running Time 110 minutes

MPAA Rating G


Pixar has to be one of the most reliable studios when it comes to putting out excellent films and Ratatouille doesn't disappoint. Ratatouille is a great animated film that has some real heart and a wonderfully layered script that creates characters and story lines that are totally engrossing. Brad Bird's direction is excellent and he gives the film a nice bit of style, just as he did in The Incredibles, which is usually lacking in animated features. Patton Oswalt's performance as Remy is understated but he really makes the audience connect with Remy as a tangible character. Ian Holm does well with his over the top delivery and infuses the movie with life even if at times it can be a bit grating. Janeane Garofalo's Colette is a scene stealer and is just a joy to watch. Peter O'Toole's Anton Ego, who looks like he stepped out of a Tim Burton film, is equally enjoyable in a much smaller role. A small warning to parents, as this film is nearly 2 hours long and does require a bit of attention to follow the action so some younger children may lose interest or get restless. Overall, Ratatouille is an incredibly complete film with well thought out characters that are compelling, one can hope that more children films follow suit.


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