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Thursday, October 24, 2013

[Trailers] Captain America: The Winter Soldier & Anchorman 2 US and International

A couple of new trailers have hit the interwebs over the last few days so let’s dig right in.

First up is the trailer, which looks surprisingly impressive, for the Captain America sequel. There’s a noticeable tonal shift from the first film which I never loved or hated. This one seems more like an international flavored action thriller with superheroes in the mix. Lots of familiar faces pop up along with plenty of new ones, check it out….

Earlier this week a couple of new Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues trailers hit. The 2nd US trailer showcases plenty of new footage. If that didn’t wet your appetite check out the international trailer which has even more new footage. I’m a huge Will Ferrell so I can’t wait for this, check them out below…

2nd US Trailer….

International Trailer….


  1. i'm interested in that captain america trailer (really liked the first movie, and interested to see where they take the story). less interested in anchorman (couldn't get thru the first movie lol)

    1. Same here, I liked it more than I thought I would and this trailer is very strong. Anchorman, yeah I can see that, if you don't care for Ferrell and his crew it won't do much for you.

  2. The Winter Soldier trailer blew me away, seriously, I hope the movie is as deep as the trailer makes it look in terms of the social commentary about an overly controlling organization.


    1. Yeah I was surprised at how good it was and I really liked the tidbits about the SHEILD you mentioned, curious to see how they play that out.


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