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Saturday, November 17, 2012



Steven Spielberg helms his long-in-the-making biopic of Abraham Lincoln for DreamWorks and Touchstone Pictures. Daniel Day-Lewis portrays the former head of state in the Tony Kushner-penned adaptation of Doris Kearns Goodwin's book Team of Rivals, which chronicles the President's time in office between 1861 and 1865 as he dealt with personal demons and politics during the Civil War. Sally Field leads a co-starring cast that includes Tommy Lee Jones, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Academy Award nominee John Hawkes. ~ Jeremy Wheeler, Rovi

Director: Steven Spielberg

Cast: Daniel Day-Lewis, Sally Field, Tommy Lee Jones, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Hal Holbrook

Release Date: Nov 09, 2012

Rated PG-13 for intense Scene of War Violence, Brief Strong Language and Some Images of Carnage

Runtime: 2 hr. 29 min.

Genres: Drama


Steven Spielberg’s Oscar bait biopic of Lincoln is that rare features that portrays history honestly with as little sentimentally, for a Spielberg film at least, as possible. At its center it’s a cornucopia of wonderful dialogue performed by some of the finest actors work in the business. In the title role, Daniel Day Lewis once again loses himself utterly and totally into Honest Abe’s skin. It’s not as showy a role as you think; instead it’s a testament to nuance and restraint. Lewis displays his talent to emote a range of emotions through his face and eyes, giving us a look into the man’s heart and soul with only a few rare “splash” scenes. Sally Field surprises with her turn as Mary Todd Lincoln. She gives her an emotionally broken depth that’s palpable, building to a masterful climatic scene with Lewis that gives us a glimpse into the relationship and dynamic. Tommy Lee Jones, even more bulldogged faced than usual, is appropriately sarcastic and single minded in his pursuit of true equality. James Spader and John Hawkes supply some needed levity as a pair of fixers working to “convince” opposition party members to change their mind on the vote. Spielberg keeps to the entire thing together working with restraint and tact throughout. Certain scenes feel like moments from stage plays as watch characters give speeches and pontificate about large issues. Spielberg is able to make it engrossing and engaging, an appropriate tribute to a great leader.



  1. I can't wait to see this. I admit I was surprised to see Sally playing the batshit crazy Mary. I assume she's recalling her Sybil roots. LOL

    Great review!

    1. Thanks! It's great, Field really impressed me.

  2. Glad to see it's a good movie instead of some Oscar bait film that completely misses its mark like, say, Munich? Will be checking this out and it's nice to hear that DDL provides a different type of role that he loses himself into!

  3. Looking forward to this one although I am not a fan of Daniel Day-Lewis. There is something about him I can't warm to although I can't pretend he isn't a brilliant actor.

    "splash scenes"?!

    The A- might suggest that it is a real Oscar contender!

    K :-)

    1. Splash scenes meaning big acting moments where they just let the actor go at it, there are a handful but not an entire film of it like I expected. This film is ready made for Oscar contention.

    2. Ta - hadn't heard the term before ..... you can expect to see it creep into my blog as I usually steal from you!

  4. Pretty much agree with everything you wrote. A stunning and epic biopic with some breathtaking acting (Lewis, and especially Jones), fantastic cinematography and great costumes/set design.

    1. Really impressed by this all around, Lewis and Jones really surprised me.


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