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Thursday, March 1, 2012

[Trailer] Piranha 3DD

I have no shame in saying that I enjoyed the first Piranha 3D, gleefully gory and over the top, it was a fine redux of the Roger Corman original.

Still, I always felt it should have gone further, this much anticipated sequel seems like it’s really upping the gore and tongue in cheek camp, small concern over the director, should be a lot of fun for genre fans…..


  1. I remember the previews for the original. I'm so behind on my b-horrors. :D


  2. First one is just goofy over the top fun, this one looks like it’ll top it in everyway. Think maybe a marathon’s in store!!

  3. Loved Pirahna 2010. It was a blast. Perfect mix of T and A and gore.

    Hopefully this sequel is decent. Hasselhoff and Busey are in it though, which should make it fun!

  4. Hasselhoff and Busey should make the the right kind of hilarious fun.


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