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Sunday, March 18, 2012




The son (Will Ferrell) of a dead rancher unwittingly gets into a war with a local drug lord (Gael Garcia Bernal) after trying to settle his family's estate in this Spanish-language comedy from Gary Sanchez Productions. Frequent Ferrell collaborator Adam McKay (Step Brothers, The Other Guys) produces, with Funny or Die's Matt Piedmont handling direction duties. ~ Jeremy Wheeler, Rovi

Director: Matt Piedmont

Cast: Will Ferrell, Diego Luna, Pedro Armendariz, Jr., Efren Ramirez, Gael Garcia
Bernal, Diego Luna, Adrian Martinez, Genesis Rodriguez

Release Date: Mar 16, 2012

Rated R for language, Drug Use, Bloody Violence and Some Sexual Content

Runtime: 1 hr. 24 min.

Genres: Comedy


The joke is simple here and if you enjoy Will Ferrell, you’ll find plenty to find. A cross between Grindhouse and telenovela, Casa De Mi Padre is a very funny if uneven film. Matt Piedmont, SNL and Funny or Die writer turned director, shoots his film with a good sense of fun. The jokes are obvious and overstated each time but then again that’s the joke. Will Ferrell is front and center, his Spanish awkwardly uneven and hilarious. He’s allowed to run wild here and you can almost sense his glee anytime he’s onscreen. The collection of Hispanic actors and actresses, mostly from dramatic background, is quite impressive. Gael Garica Bernal leaves the biggest impression, displaying some impressive comedic chops. The rest of the cast is hamming it up and having just as much fun as Ferrell. There are a few noticeable dead spots that kind of kill it’s momentum but when it hits the right cord it’s a gut busting experience.



  1. hmmm i am interested to see gael show off his comedic chops, but this premise does not call to me. and i'm not especially a ferrell fan.

  2. The rest of my family doesn't like Will Ferrell, but I do. I will definitely enjoy this. :)

  3. I do like the look of this one - even though I am not the biggest Will Ferrell fan.

    I've never seen a Spanish comedy before so I am looking forward to it!

  4. This is really Ferrell's show so if you don't care for him much it might not not hit the mark. That being said it's a fun little experiment of a comedic film.

  5. Ferrell has always been hit or miss for me - if we get it in the cinema I will be there!


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