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Thursday, August 18, 2011


I have a handful of franchises that are guilty pleasures, the Resident Evil franchise comes to mind but that seems more like sadomasochism at this point, and the Underworld series is always one that drags me in.

I wish I could say it was cinematic reason but it’s not, Beckinsale looks amazing in these movies and third prequel had one of my favorite genre hotties, Rhona Mitra.

This trailer looks like more of the same along with the terribly passé wirework action but its got Beckinsale looking hot again, vampires and werewolves and some other nonsense.

It comes out in January, studios dumping grounds for crap filmmaking, and I’ll be there opening weekend!


  1. Sounds interesting.

  2. Plot actually sounds kind of watchable but I think by the 4th movie they might be stretching it thin....


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