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Saturday, July 23, 2011




Director: Joe Johnston

Cast: Chris Evans, Hugo Weaving, Sebastian Stan, Tommy Lee Jones, Hayley Atwell

Release Date: Jul 22, 2011

Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of sci-fi violence and action

Runtime: 2 hr. 4 min.

Genres: Action/Adventure


Captain America was among the list of superhero films that worried me going into this summer. It’s the type of property that’s hard to pull off because so much of the characters soul is trapped in a by gone time that might not translate to the big screen. Joe Johnston’s luckily was given a script that firmly places this origin story in its proper time and place. Shooting it with the look and feel of a WW2 propaganda film, Johnston captures so much of what makes the character and what he stands for without being overly jingoistic. Johnston paces his film methodically; taking his time with the characters and allows them to breathe. As a result, Chris Evan’s is given ample time to flesh out the scrawny runt Steve Rogers by giving him an earnestness that carries over to the Captain America version of Rogers. Hugo Weaving is good fun as the sinister Red Skull, even if the characters written a bit broad for my taste. Thanks to Johnston’s patience, secondary characters played by the likes of Tommy Lee Jones, having a ball, Hayley Atwell, Stanley Tucci and Dominic Cooper don’t come off as one dimensional as they could have. Johnston also has to be given a lot of credit for well staged action sequences which keep pepper the 2nd half of the film, some of the larger set pieces giving a decidedly Raiders of the Lost Ark to them somehow. The 3D, if you those like me who enjoy the novelty, is effectively used for effect but some of the action sequence can sort of bombard your eyes with information.



  1. Sounds good. =D

  2. Tommy Lee Jones played his part perfectly! Looking forward to the Avengers.

  3. Diana, it's pretty enjoyable even if you aren't a superhero fan. Aguilar, I really liked him in it as well.

  4. Funny some other reviews have mentioned a Raiders of the Lost Ark feel as well! I must admit to being wary of this, but with the bombardment of super hero movies this year a B+ is a fairly consistent grading.

  5. It's enjoyable if a little slow from time to time. That Raiders feel is totally in it's favor, feels very much like a throwback.

  6. Vigorously nodding my head in agreement!

  7. I'm glad you enjoyed it. The premise had me really worried but now I'm very excited to see it.

  8. I was worried about the premise as well, just thought it was going to be very difficult to pull off but by going the retro route, it worked the best way possible.

  9. Many have dubbed Captain America: The First Avenger the best superhero movie of 2011, I’m a little reluctant to give it that title considering how much I enjoyed X-Men: First Class. Still, it is a very good installment, certainly one of the best amongst The Avengers pre-films (it’s between Captain America and Iron Man for that crown). Marvel did a great job closing out the “prequels” for The Avengers, and I’m really excited to see them all come together next year. Good Review!

  10. Captain doesn't get close to X-men First Class in my opinion, I enjoyed Captain but First Class was far and away the best superhero film of the summer.

    I enjoyed all the set up, only Iron man 2 being a bit of a mistep, so I'm very ready for The Avengers! Thanks for reading!

  11. I actually really liked this and preferred it to X-Men. It just wasn't too CGI heavy and that is why it worked for me. Very surprised that is was as good as it was because the trailers weren't promising at all. I honestly expected a complete dud.
    Me? I'd add a + to your B!!

  12. Me too Brent, I wasn't expecting much to be honest but I found it lots of fun!

  13. Good review! Tommy Lee Jones was great in this.

  14. He was awesome Ty, really wish he had a bigger part.

  15. Great write up as always!

    Tommy Lee Jones was great fun in this - I forgot just how fun he could be.

    It was good fun but I think I would have liked it much more if Stanley Tucci got a bigger role.

    I think it was a good starting point for The Avengers excitement.


  16. Thanks K, more Jones and Tucci, let me throw in more Dominic Cooper and I would have been very happy.


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