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Friday, May 13, 2011

[Trailer] Fright Night

Trailer for the Fright Night remake has hit and it’s looks to stick fairly close to the 80’s cult classic, have no feel as to whether or not it’ll be any good…… looks alright but can't say I saw enough to say it'll be an upgrade in anyway.


  1. Yet another re-make of a clasic that I wish had been left alone. I love the original and remember seeing it back in the day! It really makes me wonder what can be added that will be new or even justify a re-make beside bucks, bucks, bucks.

  2. Money man, just money, looks alright but hardly good enough to warrant a whole new film.

  3. I think it looks like a solid remake. Farrell looks pretty slick as the vampire, and Fright Night wasn't really an untouchable classic to begin with.

  4. Farrell look good in his role, will have to wait and see some more footage, trailer just didn't do much for me for some reason, I enjoyed the original but was never a diehard fan.


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