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Thursday, May 5, 2011

[Trailer] Conan the Barbarian

I’ll be the first to admit I hold no special spot for Schwarzenegger’s Conan even though it is a benchmark for the actor.

Still, it’s a part of my childhood and I can’t overlook the fact that along with a handful of other 80’s movies Conan is one of those characters that linked to the star.

Remake mania is still running pretty strong and while this trailer looks fairly interesting I couldn’t help but notice that it’s felt kind of generic.

If I didn’t know it was Conan or had somebody say the name in the trailer, I’d probably have no idea what movie this was other than another action heavy fantasy film.

Since Marcus Nispel is directing this, he seems to have peaked with the Chainsaw remake, I can’t say I’m too optimistic…..


  1. I haven't see the original and there is nothing jumping out from the trailer that makes me want to see it apart from the fact it reminds me of Pathfinder which I loved for all the wrong reasons.

    The poster is cool though

  2. Pathfinder is exactly what came to mind when I saw the trailer, I'd recommend the original as good 80s Arnie cheese. Some people love the original, I've just never held it in that high regard.

  3. I never got into this Arnie outing..its funny as there are certain movies that I thought were above being re-made. This is certainly a classic Arnie outing and I thought inviolable! Guess not!
    Unfortunately I sound like a broken record critising this mania for re-makes. Even Arnie's better outing Total Recall is being re-made and that is a true classic, and not too shabby a sci-fi movie in the process. Wish Hollywood had left it alone.

  4. I'm right there with you Brent, remakes do nothing but rehash and typically deliver inferior versions of films we've already seen. Total Recall is a classic and I don't have high hopes for the remake.


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