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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

[Trailer] The Devil's Double

This is a film I'd been very curious about when I heard about it last year.

Based on a true story of an Iraqi forced to be a body double for Sadam Hussein's sadistic son Uday.

Dominic Cooper plays a duel role as the body double and Uday.

Look quite intriguing if you ask me....


  1. Looks interesting!

    Can't pretend to have heard of it before but will be keeping an eye for it

  2. I haven't heard even a whisper of this!! Not overly fussed on Cooper but he does have the swarthy colouring to play Uday. Hollywood is getting its mileage out of Iraq isn't it?!!

  3. It's been pretty under the radar but I think it might be pretty interesting if done well. Hollywood uses wars like an endless barrel of inspiration!


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