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Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl XLV Movie Commercials

Super Bowl's come and gone, here are a few of the movie trailers that got my attention.....

So it’s not a Cloverfield prequel, as originally thought, but still not able to pin down what the movie will actually be about…..

World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles is the one that I'm expecting to let me down, mainly because I think the trailers have looked impressive, maybe I'll be wrong.....

Could Michael Bay finally get it right in the supposedly last entry into the Transformers Franchise? If I didn’t love Transformers so much I might not care…..

Lastly, Captain America……considering the talent behind the camera or lack there of……..I thought this looks just awful…..


  1. I would stab President Obama in his testicles to see the transformer movie!!!

  2. Safe to say you are fired up about it!


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